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Elaine Pike

Monday, July 28 — “Footsteps of Gopal”

When Elaine Pike set out in April 2013 for a 20-day, 100-mile trek in the Everest region of Nepal, she anticipated that the adventure would be life-changing, but she never dreamed it would result in the inspirational memoir, Footsteps of Gopal. Join Elaine as she retraces the steps of her magnificent journey trekking over three of the world’s highest mountain passes.

100% of the profits generated from the sale of the book will be donated to support schools in the Everest region.


Elaine Pike has been a hiker/backpacker and outdoor enthusiast since meeting her husband, Tom, over 35 years ago. Twice they have been to Peru, explored ruins in Mexico and Central America, traversed the rugged spine of Baja, and crisscrossed over 1,000 miles of trails in the Sierra Nevada. A recent rejuvenation of their 1980′s love of rock climbing is now added to her adventure repertoire. Paired with her enthusiasm for the written word, Elaine strives to share her passion, inspire, and entertain with her first written memoir, Footsteps of Gopal.


Wednesday, August 6 – N.B.A. (Never Been Abroad!)

Just because you love to travel doesn’t mean you’ve actually made it overseas (yet).  Sheila Stone was 50 before she finally went abroad, and her talk is filled with all the things she now knows but wishes she had known then.

From how to get a passport, to how to pack light and how to travel on a budget, it covers the basics and then some.  It includes information about how to decide if going on a tour is right for you (and what questions to ask before making a decision!), what you need to know if you decide to travel independently, and how to get off the beaten path to meet locals in either case.

Sheila Stone is a tour operator specializing in small-group tours to Britain.   She is a cultural anthropologist/history buff, did stand-up comedy in the UK, and is an unabashed Anglophile.


Wednesday, August 13 — Britain by Britrail

With thousands of miles of train tracks crossing a nation smaller than many states, very few parts of Britain can’t be reached by train. But, with no national train system and dozens of different train operating companies, figuring out how to get around can be a bit daunting.

Susan Hickman will walk you through the ins and outs of today’s British train system, showing you how to decide which — if any — BritRail pass is best for your trip, and how to make the most of a trip through Britain by rail.

Dorsey Vanishing Tales

Monday, September 22 — Vanishing Tales from Ancient Trails

James Michael Dorsey has spent the past 15 years documenting some of the most remote tribal cultures on the planet. Through his writing and photography, he has been introducing these vanishing ways of life to the larger world that otherwise might never have known they exist. You will meet many of them tonight.  This show is in conjunction with the publication of his new book “Vanishing Tales from Ancient Trails.”

James is a foreign correspondent for Camerapix International and a staff contributor to Vagabundo magazine. He has written and photographed for Colliers, The Christian Science Monitor, The BBC, United Airlines, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Seattle Times, and the in- flight magazines of several African airlines. His photos have twice been chosen by Kodak International’s Photo of the Day, and are featured on numerous environmental websites. His work is available for download at SHUTTERSTOCK.COM. He has also appeared on National Public Radio’s “Weekend America.”

He is a former director of the Adventurers Club and a current Fellow of the Explorers Club.


Wednesday, October 15 — “Lost, Kidnapped, Eaten Alive”

Join us October 15th for a presentation by award-winning travel writer and photographer, Laurie McAndish King. She will be discussing her new collection of travel essays, “Lost, Kidnapped, Eaten Alive,” reading from select stories and showing companion slides of these far-flung destinations—from Bali to Paris and Puglia to Madagascar. Humorous, poignant and vivid, don’t miss this entertaining evening!


King’s essays have aired on public radio and been published in Lonely Planet, Travelers’ Tales, Bay Area Travel Writers, and Wanderland Writers literary anthologies. Her story “Silk from Ashes”—about one determined woman, her bra, and 11,640 insect eggs—won a Lowell Thomas gold award for cultural tourism.