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James with Friends

Monday, March 16 — “More Vanishing Tales from Ancient Trails”

With tonight’s program, James Michael Dorsey will continue telling stories from far off the beaten path journeys that he has chronicled in his new book, “Vanishing Tales from Ancient Trails.”

For more than two decades James has visited remote cultures that have no public voice or written language in order to bring them to the attention of the modern world. He has written for Colliers, The Christian Science Monitor, United Airlines, The BBC, Los Angeles Times, and Best Travel Writing from TravelersTales.

He is an award winning author, contributing editor at Transitions Abroad, a travel consultant to Brown & Hudson of London, a fellow of the Explorers Club, former director of the Adventurers Club and a correspondent for both Camerapix Intl. the largest African publishing house, and the World Explorers Bureau.

Tonight you will follow the Voodoo trail through West Africa, experience an exorcism, be driven through the bush by an African King and visit remote religious sites left behind by Genghis Khan. Join us for an evening of places where few will ever go.

His book will be available and he will sign copies.

Wendy Knecht

Monday, March 23 — “Life, Love and a Hijacking”

Author and former Pan-Am flight attendant Wendy Knecht will read from her book, Life, Love and a Hijacking. Knecht will focus on the iconic Pan Am, its history, and what it was like being a flight attendant in the days (not long ago) when travel was still considered glamorous. Wendy will also discuss her first hand experience with the hijacking of Pan Am Flight 73 in Karachi, and her involvement with the crew and families.


Monday, March 30 — “Antarctica: The White Continent”

Antarctica – “Its vastness is both humbling and uplifting. Its silence both daunting and among the greatest gifts this noisy world can give you. It is like nothing and nowhere else. It must be seen to be believed”.

Join returning presenter, dentist, and traveler, Carl Werts as he share’s his recent expedition aboard the National Geographic Explorer on a journey to the Antarctic Peninsula.

His photography and narrative will carry you to this most remote region of our planet and inspire you to add Antarctica to the top of your “bucket list”.