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Angels Cuba

Monday, October 24 — The Essence of Cuba

World traveler Angel Castellanos recently traveled to Cuba, legally and independently as an American. With the fast changing rules and pent up demand from American travelers, this talk will inform and inspire all travelers to travel smart in Cuba. You’ll soon be able to salsa your way throughout this fascinating and diverse island without worry or hassle.

In this travel talk, Angel Castellanos describes Cuba top stops — Havana, colonial Trinidad, Santa Clara, historic Remedios, National Park Topes de Collantes and more — and shares his practical travel smart skills (packing, gear, eating, sleeping, transportation and traveling like a local).


Tuesday, November 1 – Renaissance Florence & Tuscany

Six hundred years ago (give or take) a remarkable flowering of artistic, scientific and political creativity took place across Europe–and it began in Florence under the Medici family. Step back in time with Adrian Kalvinskas, as he takes you on a visual journey through Florence, from the Renaissance to today, as well as to other Renaissance cities such as Siena and Pisa.

River Cruise

Monday, November 7 — River Cruising in Europe

River cruises are soaring in popularity, and no wonder — they boast the “unpack once” ease of traditional ocean cruising, but offer larger staterooms and a more thorough and intimate experience of the places they visit. Join Susan Hickman, of Distant Lands Travel, for a look at the most popular river cruise routes and the variety of  experiences available in 2016 and 2017.

Poland_Bill Altaffer

Monday, November 14 — “Today’s Poland”

Bill Altaffer will present his latest trip, “Today’s Poland.” From the ashes of WWII, Poland has flourished to become ultra-modern while keeping its historical charm. We will explore the heart of the country from top to bottom.

Bill is a member of the LA Adventurers Club, and has visited more UNESCO World Heritage sites than anyone else.


Monday, November 21 — Exploring Wine Regions of Argentina

International Wine Traveler, Michael C. Higgins, PhD, will take us on a journey through Argentina’s most interesting wine regions, showing us his spectacular photography and introducing us to the fascinating people and places he encountered in his new Insiders Travel Guide:  Exploring Wine Regions – Argentina (352 color pages of beautiful photography).  Book signings and authentic Argentine wine will be served.


Monday, December 5 — 100 Places in Italy Every Woman Should Go

Celebrate the 3rd edition of 100 Places in Italy Every Woman Should Go, with author/Italy Expert Susan Van Allen’s entertaining presentation about the Bel Paese, complete with tips to make your Italian Dream Vacation come true.