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Wednesday, August 27 – Beginning French Class

Bonjour! Buon Giorno! Buenas Dias! Guten Tag!

Berlitz is the world’s premier provider of language and cultural programs. Join us for a sample

Beginner French class.


Greet someone in French

Use your French skills to order a drink or a meal

Get around using the most common vocabulary for shopping, transportation, people, places and things- all in French!

Please come and meet your Berlitz French instructor Anka Fassbind for a free trial class.


Monday, September 15 – “Shopping for Buddhas”

If you’ve never read Shopping for Buddhas…if you’ve never heard Jeff Greenwald give a reading…you can remedy both sins of omission in one go when Mr. Greenwald reads from his classic travel book on Nepal at Distant Lands.

Jeff Greenwald’s classic travelogue follows his quest for the perfect Buddha statue. At turns hilarious and moving, his quest features a cast of amazing characters – from a passionate palmist to a flying lama -who provide unforgettable glimpses into the daily life and culture of the former kingdom (including a wild ride on Kathmandu’s very first escalator). Greenwald doesn’t shy away from Shangri-la’s darker side. Along with colorful descriptions of Hindu and Buddhist mythology, the book tells of the rampant corruption, art smuggling, assassination attempts and human right abuses that would ignite Nepal’s violent People Power Revolution in April 1990. A new afterword by the author recounts Nepal’s tumultuous recent history – including the massacre of the royal family – in vivid detail. And a new preface introduces this 25th anniversary edition with some thoughts about how Nepal, and travel writing, have evolved since the book’s first publication. Shopping for Buddhas remains a must-read for anyone who has visited, or plans to visit, Nepal.

Dorsey Vanishing Tales

Monday, September 22 — Vanishing Tales from Ancient Trails

James Michael Dorsey has spent the past 15 years documenting some of the most remote tribal cultures on the planet. Through his writing and photography, he has been introducing these vanishing ways of life to the larger world that otherwise might never have known they exist. You will meet many of them tonight.  This show is in conjunction with the publication of his new book “Vanishing Tales from Ancient Trails.”

James is a foreign correspondent for Camerapix International and a staff contributor to Vagabundo magazine. He has written and photographed for Colliers, The Christian Science Monitor, The BBC, United Airlines, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Seattle Times, and the in- flight magazines of several African airlines. His photos have twice been chosen by Kodak International’s Photo of the Day, and are featured on numerous environmental websites. His work is available for download at SHUTTERSTOCK.COM. He has also appeared on National Public Radio’s “Weekend America.”

He is a former director of the Adventurers Club and a current Fellow of the Explorers Club.


Wednesday, October 15 — “Lost, Kidnapped, Eaten Alive”

Join us October 15th for a presentation by award-winning travel writer and photographer, Laurie McAndish King. She will be discussing her new collection of travel essays, “Lost, Kidnapped, Eaten Alive,” reading from select stories and showing companion slides of these far-flung destinations—from Bali to Paris and Puglia to Madagascar. Humorous, poignant and vivid, don’t miss this entertaining evening!


King’s essays have aired on public radio and been published in Lonely Planet, Travelers’ Tales, Bay Area Travel Writers, and Wanderland Writers literary anthologies. Her story “Silk from Ashes”—about one determined woman, her bra, and 11,640 insect eggs—won a Lowell Thomas gold award for cultural tourism.