Upcoming Events


Monday, August 17 — “Antarctica: The White Continent”

Antarctica – “Its vastness is both humbling and uplifting. Its silence both daunting and among the greatest gifts this noisy world can give you. It is like nothing and nowhere else. It must be seen to be believed”.

Join returning presenter, dentist, and traveler, Carl Werts as he shares his recent expedition aboard the National Geographic Explorer on a journey to the Antarctic Peninsula.

His photography and narrative will carry you to this most remote region of our planet and inspire you to add Antarctica to the top of your “bucket list”.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a reprise of the program Dr. Werts presented in March 2015.


Tuesday, August 25 — “Golden State Misadventures”

Author Han Vance will read from his upcoming book, “Golden State Misadventures,” and discuss his travels throughout turn-of-the-millennium California, upon which his memoir is based.

“Golden State Misadventures” is a quest book about a man traveling California after an early midlife crisis. Many interesting lifestyle innovators of California present themselves as unique characters in the story, as the protagonist journeys up and down the state in an effort to reinvent himself.

Vance bills himself as an American Culture Reporter and is a widely-read journalist, award-winning poet and regular on talk radio. His first release on Silver Stone Press was a poetry book called “ATL Fire”, and he appeared at several East Coast locations in support of it.


Monday, August 31 — “Cuba: Island Nation in Transition”

Bruce Hale, an international trip leader with the Sierra Club,  presents “Cuba: Island Nation in Transition,” with slides and narrative  describing  his trip there in December 2014. The trip covered both  eastern and western parts of the island. His group experienced Cuba in a way different from standardized, off-the-shelf  tours.  Then, two days after Hale’s return to the U.S., President Obama announced that  he is re-establishing diplomatic relations between the two countries! The program will depict Cuba before changes accelerate.