New Arrival

LiteGear Clothesline

This sturdy, braided rubber clothesline helps you to pack lighter. Was. […]

Aviator Wheeled Backpack M,L

Packed on your back or rolled like a suitcase, the Aviator Wheeled Pac. […]

Copilot Luggage Roller S,M,XL 2014

Timbuk2's  Copilot is lightweight and easy to pack. Its sleek style w. […]

The Distant Land Show

Cornwall Postcard

Winter Beaches: A Digital Postcard from Cornwall

Thanks to Cornwall’s unique position on the south west peninsula, 80% of the county is surrounded by water, giving Cornwall the longest stretch of coastline in the UK at 697km. In fact, in Cornwall you are never more than 16 miles from the sea. With over 300 beaches to choose from, just because it’s not summer it doesn’t mean you can’t continue to reap the benefit of the rugged coastline.

European Railpasses and tickets are available on the spot at Distant Lands!

European Railpasses and tickets are available on the spot at Distant Lands!

To schedule an appointment call (626) 449-3220.

Book of the Week


Shopping for Buddhas — 25th Anniversary Edition

“Asia is a mythical jubilee,” writes Jeff Greenwald, “full of characters more strange and entertaining than anything you’ll find in Star Wars.” In this 25th anniversary edition of his beloved book, Greenwald treks to a lofty nunnery to meet “one of the most powerful women in Tibet—known to fly through the air.” He visits Kathmandu’s first indoor shopping mall (where a ride on the country’s first escalator is a near-religious event), and befriends a sly mystic named Lalji, whose often abrasive teaching methods prod him along the spiritual path.