New Arrival


Introduce children to geography with this inflatable globe. Each globe. […]

Trafalgar Floor Globe

The combination of progressive design, artistic angles, and metal floo. […]

Carlyle Illuminated Globe

All the most sought-after features are here: illumination, antique-oce. […]

The Distant Land Show


THE DISTANT LANDS SHOW – 5 Tips to Avoid Pickpockets

For many, vacation time is right around the corner and the thought of the perfect getaway does not include being a victim of crime. While most vacations will go as planned, some will fall victim to petty theft: mainly purse snatching and pickpockets. So how do you protect yourself from becoming part of the pick-pocketing statistics? Here are 5 sure-fire ways to better your odds.

European Railpasses and tickets are available on the spot at Distant Lands!

European Railpasses and tickets are available on the spot at Distant Lands!

To schedule an appointment call (626) 449-3220.

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50 Places in Rome, Florence and Venice Every Woman Should Go

SIGNED COPIES AVAILABLE! Following the critically acclaimed 100 Places in Italy Every Woman Should Go, Susan Van Allen adds new gems to her selection of the best spots for female travelers in Italy’s most popular cities (Rome, Florence, and Venice), along with enticing Golden Day itineraries to make vacation dreams come true. Whatever your mood or budget, whether it’s your first or 21st visit to Italy, 50 Places in Rome, Florence, and Venice Every Woman Should Go opens the door to extraordinary experiences that fully immerse travelers in the beautiful, fascinating, and delicious pleasures of the Bel Paese.